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It was back in the Autumn of 2016 when the musicians of MOTYK first came together. Originally intended as the launching of a new generation for the legendary Dutch band Flairck (nominated as Best Live Band at the Flanders Folk Awards 2019), releasing as such the album Back Alive! in 2020 (winner of Best Album of the year by the Indie Acoustic Project (USA) in the Multi-Genre Fusion).

The music of MOTYK remains mainly of acoustic and instrumental nature, however always pushing the limits of specific genres and styles.

MOTYK are:

Joris Vanvinckenroye - Doublebass

Pablo Ortiz - Guitars

Anouk Sanczuk - Violin

Zhazira Ukeyeva - Violin


MOTYK, the traveler.

Motyk is also the name of a traveler.

He is a mysterious character. Sometimes a migrant, sometimes a refugee, he can be an expat, an exiled, a business traveler, an explorer, a tourist, an adventurer, a vagabond, a circus performer, perhaps a troubadour...

The group's shows and albums are in fact episodes of all his adventures.

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